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Fujian Dacheng electric machinery group Pingtan Tour

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  After more than a week, Pingtan Tour finally came to an end. In June of Fu'an, it said that the sky would change, and the heat wave rolled in the previous second, and the rainstorm was like the next minute, but we just felt the departure of the next day. Slightly cool.

This is the first group trip to a distant place to play after work, so I still look forward to it. After all, this is different from traveling alone in my student days, but a group action. The travelling people range from big bosses to ordinary employees. The age span is from 60 to 90, and many old seniors have participated in the work. When they are working hard, there may be many young friends who are still in a trance. But the fate is so amazing We became a community at a certain time because of "Dacheng". No matter who is old, we will remember that we have worked for such a collective and added so many big partners and small partners to this collective.


  This is not the first time Dacheng has organized a group trip for employees, but it is still the first time for older adults like me to participate, so it is still difficult to suppress the little excitement, and the office staff, female siblings account for most of the country, So when I got together, I was stunned, like the non-stop cheering of a branch bird, each picking a white T specially prepared by the company for the girls, and the number of people was counted, and they started. If we say "three women and one drama", then our bus is definitely a big drama team, and they are all heroines. The men are gentlemen who serve the girls. In order to arrange more than four hours of driving time, the experienced leader Lao Zhang prepared several small programs for the warm-up and song competition after introducing the tour arrangements. You guessed it, waves of laughter followed. Bo, from shyness at the beginning to the end everyone is eager to try and cooperate with all the members, so that General Manager Yang guesses, I am really a talented person, the cooperation is tacit, the strength of the team cannot be underestimated! Scenery, in an endless game, we reached Pingtan County.


  Pingtan County, referred to as "Lan", is commonly known as Haitan. It is located in the eastern part of Fujian Province and faces Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait. It is the closest place in mainland China to Taiwan Island. It consists of 126 islands, mainly Haitan Island. Island Haitan Island is the largest island in Fujian Province and the fifth largest island in China. It is also a famous fishery base. When we arrived in Pingtan, it was exactly noon. The weather that was originally clear and clear began to become a little gloomy again, but this did not affect everyone's interest. The lunch was arranged at the Fujian-Taiwan margin hotel. We have been looking forward to the hotel we have eaten and the 360-degree panoramic restaurant. However, the ideal is full, but the reality is more skinny! The legendary 360-degree panoramic restaurant is actually full of air, and the food is not particularly delicious. I muttered in my heart: I dare to use such food to entertain me Great! But with the happy mood and the belly of the empty city, and the cool sea breeze, everyone ate our first meal in Pingtan.

After taking a break after dinner, we will go to the first stop of this journey-Pingtan Island Beach! If you believe the propaganda of the travel agency, you really think that Pingtan Island is the "Oriental Maldives", then you will definitely take this film Disappointed at the beach. Because compared with the developed tourism industry and intensive foreign tourists in Maldives, Pingtan Island is almost in the most primitive state. There are no rows of shops on the long shore, only a lonely barbecue stall and a canteen; there is no comparison. Of tourists, bikini beauty without beautiful legs like the forest basking in the sun, is such a lonely coastline, and our group of tourists just arrived. But perhaps because it is basically undeveloped, this beach retains his most simple and natural beauty. The blue sky, the blue sea, the beach, the sun, and the pure beauty of nature are in sight. It is like a paradise! We are all excited about the slippers running to the beach, stepping on the soft white sand, the sea breeze near our ears, blowing across our faces , Messing up her long hair, letting the tide rise and fall across the insteps recklessly, her eyes full of green and clear like jade to the sea, boundless, the farthest place has been unable to distinguish the boundary between sea water and sky, Water and sky merge into one. Everyone couldn't help shouting loudly, running excitedly, the guide Lao Zhang and a male colleague of the company kept taking pictures of everyone, and these happy moments were fixed forever.

After three hours of fun playing, everyone was obviously a little tired. The female compatriots all sat at the barbecue booth to share snacks and pictures taken by themselves. The male compatriots finally found the opportunity to swim in the sea. Haizi said: I have a house, facing the sea, and spring blossoms. Probably like now, looking quietly at the endless ocean surface, taking a deep breath of fresh air without the smell of the sea, feeling the sea breeze, away from the pressure of work and the city The hustle and bustle, everyone had a chat with each other, completely relaxed.



  In fact, it can only be regarded as a “fake product”. Except for the antique buildings, everything else has almost nothing to do with the word “old”. There are no old wind chimes that sound crisp and crisp with the wind under the eaves. Heavy history and culture ... Just like other emerging tourist attractions, it is only supporting facilities invested with a lot of funds to attract tourists. The ancient city of Haitan is somewhat similar to Sanfang Qixiang in Fuzhou, but it lacks the same historical background as Sanfang Qixiang. All the imitations of commercial imitations come from the face, and there is nothing to describe.

Everyone is scattered, and they are free to find the shops they are interested in, but like all commercial and tourist streets, there are no special products, but because there are a large number of Taiwanese compatriots in Pingtan, some shops have Taiwanese products. Although the authenticity is very high, these prices are prohibitive, so we just look at it. When everyone was bored, suddenly the crowd was in order to get up. It turned out that there were performances. The Agoggs wearing Qing costumes were walking around the street and dancing while walking. The twisted posture caused the crowd to burst into laughter. What makes people unbearable is that the audience holding the mobile phone while shooting, as if losing their souls, moves with the pace of the performance team in unison, I am not happy at the side. It ’s a pity that Tiangong is not beautiful. The first dance performance with quite coastal characteristics began to rain heavily from the beginning. The actors still dedicated themselves to complete the whole dance. However, it was raining badly at the end of the second dance. I left and found a good hotel for dinner.

Summer thunderstorms come and go quickly, the kung fu rain of a dinner stopped, the sky became clear after the first heavy rain, and the surrounding clouds were painted by the last touch of afterglow, and a piece of wet land Serene, these antique buildings under the vast sun and dusk, at this time have some antique charm. I don't know who shouted: "Look, rainbow!" A few colleagues and I looked around, and it turned out that there was a rainbow hanging high in the sky. This situation can be described as: "red orange yellow green blue blue purple, who holds the color practice when dancing in the air? After the rain returns to the setting sun, Guanshan arrays of Cang"!

After a chat in the ancient city, the guide took us back to the beach to participate in a campfire party. After a heavy rain baptism on the beach, there was a layer of mist on the sea and the air was fresher. The hot afternoon was swept away by the cold evening wind. Blows people to relax physically and mentally. I was used to the noisy car sounds and vocals of the city. At this time, the sound of singing and unknown insects singing in the woods was like taking a bath in the ears, and washing away all the complexity.

I said that it was a bonfire party, that is, the guide led everyone to play a few games around the bonfire, and the cool night was matched with a characteristic beach KTV, and everyone was actively participating. But we, who did n’t exercise much at first, bounced around on the beach. It did n’t take long and I felt a bit out of energy. So I sat down aside and listened to the good people singing or applauding or together Harmonious singing, unpleasant!

I want to ask what is the most impressive thing about this game. My answer is not the beautiful seascape of Pingtan or the small shops in the commercial street, but our chorus by the beach. Yu Gong who lost the game chose to sing as punishment. Everyone said that he would sing with Yu Gong, so a prelude of "Friends" rang out on the beach. All the adults sang in unison around the beach KTV, I can't watch Clear everyone's expressions, but I can hear everyone sing seriously, yes, at that moment, I was touched, we are like a warm family, support each other all the way, help each other, Unity. Just as San Mao said: Living is not because the scenery is so beautiful and spectacular, but because someone has been met and warmed up, and then I hope that one day I can also become a little sun to warm others. The chorus on the beach near Pingtan gave me a lot of positive energy, just like the tour guide said: I did not expect Dacheng's brothers and sisters to be so united and very powerful!

The bonfire party ended after flying the Kong Ming Lantern. Everyone wrote their wish at the seaside, released it reverently, and watched the one flying higher and higher, looking forward to the beautiful wish. Then, there was another scene that made me unforgettable all my life, and the facts of iron proved that the imagination is beautiful.

When we dragged our completely exhausted body to the characteristic sand tube house, everyone ’s spirits were refreshed! "Oh my God, this is definitely not for the dwarves and Hobbit." The romance in the legend, the beauty, the dream? In reality, do you want such a thunderstorm! This is probably the smallest and most cost-effective "hotel" we have ever seen. A house similar to a city sewer reconstruction, which has a wooden bed, an air conditioner, a drawer, no other ears, absolutely simple style! Thanks to Fujian people are relatively petite, a little taller and larger horses will feel aggrieved. dead. However, after "there is it, then it is safe" After voicing in the room of this dwarf, everyone still cleans up, sleeps and sleeps. I came back from washing with Xiaoyu, and found that President Yang was still walking around, and was worried about this place of safety at night, and asked if we could sleep, we teased: We plan to talk by candlelight at night, look at the stars, Talk about life, talk about wishes. Xiaoye and I did talk in the middle of the night, and finally couldn't hold back the drowsiness. When Ming Jin quit the army and covered him while sleeping, I did not expect that this abominable mosquito was drumming out of the army. "Buzz" kept flying in my ears. Fly away. I fought against mosquitoes like this one night, I was defeated and defeated repeatedly. The next day I looked at the red envelope left by the mosquito bite on my arm. Obviously I lost, so I patted him fiercely before going out to wash. Two mosquitoes. I didn't expect that the girls in the Finance Department were more tragic than me. The arm face was stung everywhere. Early in the morning, the screams of the girls' complaints about mosquitoes were really refreshing!


  The next morning's destination was Houyan Island. After breakfast, we set off. Compared to the nagging when we took the car the day before, the cars on that day were surprisingly quiet, and we were almost hurrying to make up for it. One night everyone couldn't sleep.

Houyan Island, located in Dong'ao Village, Pingtan Aoqian Town, stands near the sea. The wind and waves are a bit strong. Compared to the gentle water on Pingtan Beach, the sea surface on Houyan Island is very disturbing. , Was instantly shattered, spurring the white waves. After a short while we boarded the highest point of the island, where there was a stone tablet engraved with "The mainland of our motherland-the nearest island in Taiwan is 68 nautical miles." Because the weather was a bit shady on that day, there was still a little fog on the sea. Looking at the magnificent sea at the highest place, people can't help but have the sigh of "Climbing the whole world, how the world is long" and "Ronghua east flowing water, everything is waves." The wind and waves invaded the island, with strange rocks and sparse vegetation, and everywhere you look, they are rocks. None of these rocks are similar and have their own characteristics. Although it is said that "the light and long stones do not grow grass" on the island, many unknown small flowers and grasses have covered it, adding a lot of soft colors to this resolute island. The island's beautiful scenery, scattered large stones, small wild flowers dotted in it, and the few fishing boats moored here, set off this tranquil bay, which has a terrifying charm.

From the island, this is the last stop of this trip: No. 1 Duty Free Shop! Not to mention everyone understands, shopping! A lot of people, men and women, look at the west and look at it, bargain, full of the fireworks of life, ordinary And it is warm and interesting, especially when watching a lot of old men bargaining and grinning, pushing a bunch of loot proudly, it is even more funny, who said that only women love shopping, men chop their hands Come a little worse than the lady!

After having lunch in the city, the trip to Pingtan was concluded successfully, and he had to go home. On the way home, I was too busy making up my sleep, and I suddenly heard in my sleep: Do n’t sleep, grab a red envelope, and General Yang sends a red envelope. So all the people in the car are like chicken blood. A spirit full of blood is resurrected to grab the red envelope. This trip is accompanied by singing and a red envelope can be grabbed when returning. It ’s really fast! Fast!

Luan Pingtan trip, this is the end, but we, as well as our Dacheng, have been on the road, constantly traveling, and constantly approaching the goal!