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Chairman of the group, Mr. yang wangzhang, was interviewed by a reporter from the China enterprise newspaper

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4537-Issue 19-Fujian

Yang Wangzhang: Positive Energy

Author: LU Xiao Yi newspaper reporter Gao Jiansheng

  Li Chuan, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Fujian Province, issues a certificate to Yang Wangzhang (left)

  In the chairman's office of Fujian Dacheng Group, Yang Wangzhang enthusiastically drew tea and was adept at talking with reporters while smiling.

Young, this is Yang Wangzhang's most intuitive feeling. In Fuan, a city with the reputation of "China Motor City", he is a well-known and powerful young commander and a wise scholar-type entrepreneur. He talked funny, but kept a low profile and down to earth.

Under the increasingly severe situation of foreign trade export, Dacheng Electric Co., Ltd. continues to grow steadily, and the sales volume of water pumps ranks among the top in the world. The group has four subsidiaries and is among the top 500 Chinese machinery and Fujian innovative pilot enterprises.

"I am now in the second venture, and the road ahead is still long." Yang Wangzhang never felt complacent about this. "In case of difficulties, don't rush to make excuses, more importantly, find a way."

In the process of Suwa chat, he can always feel a positive energy that he conveyed, making people can't help but be infected with this positive, healthy, confident joy. In 2010, he won the Fu'an Youth Entrepreneurship Award. To sum up his entrepreneurial experience, he used eight words: concept, action, persistence, and self-confidence.

In his speech, he recited a poem by Wang Guozhen: "There is no longer way than a foot, no higher mountain than a person."


杨 Yang Wangzhang University just graduated in the summer of 1997. He studied business administration and was very active during school. Several companies offered him high-paying invitations. But he did not agree, because there is always a passion for entrepreneurship in his heart. At the crossroads of life, to the left Kangzhuang Avenue, to the right, the future is uncertain. Where does the young Yang Wangzhang go?

In the end, he chose to obey his inner call and return to his hometown—Fu'an Motor City, which was already famous internationally at that time. From the horrified eyes, the "Pride of the Sky" who emerged from the ivory tower became the hardest and most tired turner.

When there is a firm goal, all suffering is the best fertilizer. In just two years, Yang Wangzhang has learned skills that ordinary apprentices can master in three to five years. In 1999, he founded his own enterprise, Fu'an Huamei Motor Factory, specializing in the production of water pumps.

Because of the young age and the short-term establishment of the enterprise and the concerns of suppliers, the purchase of materials must be paid in full in advance, and the loans to customers for product sales are often not collected in a timely manner, resulting in very difficult capital turnover.

"If you choose to start a business, you must choose to face the difficulties." Yang Wangzhang firmly controlled the two sharp swords of "quality" and "integrity", and he made his way out of the battle. Four years of hard work has won the trust and praise of suppliers, established a good supply chain, customers' funds have gradually returned to the cage, and the company is on the right track. In the fifth year, Yang Wangzhang made the Huamei pump the first in the domestic market with the same file, making the Huamei trademark a well-known domestic brand and a well-known trademark in Fujian Province. The company has been awarded "honesty, contract-oriented enterprises", "Fujian Quality and Credit System Construction Unit", the National Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products "AAA export enterprise credit rating" and other honors.

Today, the group produces 2 million units of water pumps and 300,000 units of motors, generators and environmental air-conditioners. The product has won six national patents. Y, YC, ST, STC series products have obtained export product quality licenses and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. This year, it has won another 100 acres of land, building factories, adding equipment, and recruiting talents. Dacheng Group is developing at the right time.

Located in the 18,000-square-meter Dacheng Motor Plant's office, Yang Wangzhang recalled the small factory leased at the beginning of the venture, and then talked about the current economic structure. He said with emotion: "There are only weak industries and no weak companies. We have to What we do is to practice our internal skills and work hard on corporate culture and technological innovation. "

宁 In 2012 Ningde Electric Expo, Dacheng's healthy home self-priming pump, which took five years to develop, caused a sensation. All the water passing parts of this product are made of environmentally friendly green materials, which can avoid secondary pollution of water sources and extend the service life of the product. When it entered the international market earlier this year, it generated more than 20 million yuan in sales.

It's never Yang Yangzhang's preference to blame the people and stop moving. It is his nature to take the initiative to adapt, transform himself, and meet the challenge with continuous innovation.

Young Mentor

"Thank you very much, Yang Dong. If it were not for him, there would not be me today." At the YBC Ningde workstation, many entrepreneurial young people rushed to tell reporters about Yang Wangzhang's help for them.

From analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the project, to the location selection and decoration of the storefront, how to promote and attract customers, to the registration of trademarks and the use of funds, the difficulties encountered by young entrepreneurs have been carefully pointed by YBC entrepreneurial mentor Yang Wangzhang. It was effectively resolved.

"At that time, Mr. Yang advised me not to rush to start a business first, and let me go to the society to hone for a while to learn technology and dig talents. I was a little puzzled, but I still did according to his instructions." A YBC student was full of tone Sincere gratitude, "Now that I have achieved some success in entrepreneurship, I understand that these experiences are the foundation of success!"

不少 Many of the detours that the students rarely take were encountered by Yang Wangzhang on his entrepreneurial journey. With many years of experience in the ups and downs of the business sea, he dedicated his efforts to helping each young sapling grow healthy into a towering tree.

He is very busy. In addition to his job as chairman of Dacheng Group, he is also a member of the Fu'an CPPCC, the vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial Enterprise Federation, and the executive director of the Fujian Motor Export Base Chamber of Commerce. . The YBC licensed instructor spends a lot of time each week reviewing, considering, communicating, and communicating, but he is never slack, and whenever a student asks for advice, he will do his best. He said: "Young people have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and give them a good platform for guidance and use of force. Growth is fast."

Perhaps, from these young people walking on the struggle road, Yang Wangzhang saw his young self. At that time, many people did n’t know how to do business at the beginning. With the help of a book “Negotiation Skills in Shopping Malls”, they gradually learned the way to do business. "I will carry the entire book back, but I haven't changed several books in three years." Yang Wangzhang smiled.

The management master Yu Shiwei is also Yang Menzhang's "tutor" on the road to success. Dacheng Electric's corporate management philosophy is deeply influenced by Yu Shiwei's theory. In May of this year, Yang Wangzhang, as the CEO of the company, was invited to participate in the speech of Yu Shiwei, President of Xiamen GMC Forum, and discussed and interacted on stage. After the meeting, Yu Shiwei specially sent Yang Wangzhang an invitation to write a recommendation for his new book.

His father was the most respected person in his life. His father gave him the greatest education and encouragement regarding growth, entrepreneurship and life. It is because of his experience that Yang Wangzhang knows how much the positive energy of a mentor can inspire and support young entrepreneurs.

He is recognized as a good mentor by youth, but he prefers to be called a good friend who meets at a turning point in his life. It's not just telling you which path is the shortcut to success. It's also about helping young people find their own way to success and practice the value of life.

Commonweal feelings

The bookcase of the office is filled with various books on one side and certificates of honor and social duties on the other. A corner of the wall facing the desk was posted with a poster of Li Yang's crazy English. The four characters "Never Give Up" were extremely eye-catching.

"It's not too late to read." It has been 15 years since college graduation, and Yang Wangzhang hasn't left himself with self-cultivation in English. "Each front desk and sales of Dacheng Group's Fuzhou office has a first-class English level. Our pumps have to do No. 1 in the world in terms of the international market. There is no shortage of hardware and software. "

Education changed the fate of Yang Wangzhang. In the third grade of primary school, Yang Wangzhang won the first place in the county's math test, and received 3, 4 and 5 points. As a boarder from the countryside, such a huge honor has earned him a strong self-confidence and cultivated his best character in everything he can.

旺 At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Yang Wangzhang went home alone with 700 yuan to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I heard that many of the glass in his hometown elementary school is broken, and students can only go to school. He immediately found the principal and donated 600 yuan for the renewal of the glass. In the new semester of this year, there is a school to run a sports meeting, and clothing is insufficient. Coincidentally, Yang Wangzhang heard it at the meeting and waved "I'll pay". This sentence is worth more than 30,000 yuan.

In 2008, the Xihou village-level road built by Tan Wangzhen in the northern mountainous area of ​​Fu'an City was donated by Yang Wangzhang to open to traffic. It not only solves the production and living problems of the local villagers, but also brings a way out for the 3000 acres of woodland around the local area, helping the villagers to get rich. In 2009, he sponsored the selection of "Fu'an Ten Scenic Spots" throughout Fu'an. For more than ten years, it has donated more than 1 million yuan to public welfare undertakings.

The most important thing for public welfare is not to donate money, but to practice a simple social responsibility. In Yang Wangzhang's view, charity is not only a "rescue", but also to generate lasting "positive energy", to stimulate the inherent motivation of the recipients, to help them through difficult times.

"We want to forge Dacheng Motor Group into a respected motor company in the world." Yang Wangzhang was confident and eloquent.

The positive energy of entrepreneurs is the new hope of society. Yang Wangzhang has positive energy of innovation, persistence, optimism, and kindness. Released will be beneficial to the growth of the people he contacts, a win-win situation for partners, and a scientific leap development of the enterprise. "Hainanbaichuan, gathered together", with the accumulation of countless positive energies, will eventually promote the entire society to become more harmonious and beautiful.