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The Travel Notes of Wuyishan, a Middle-level Cadre of Dacheng Group

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  The short two-day itinerary made my thoughts calm for a long time. Taste Wuyi Mountain carefully, it can be said that the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the beauty is a domineering one. Her water is crystal clear and with a vibrant green color, she feels that she is in the picture of a dream, and a beautiful picture is displayed in front of our eyes, which makes me have to be sighed. It is really awesome! Marvel that there is such a fairyland on earth! This ancient and profound cultural heritage of Wuyishan has been telling people the beautiful love story of King Wangfeng and Yunvfeng for thousands of years, and it has also covered Wuyi Mountain with a secret veil ...

Although it is a hot summer and the company's busy production period, Chairman Yang Wangzhang of the group company did not forget to bring a happy atmosphere to the employees and suddenly proposed to travel to Wuyishan with our middle-level cadres in person on the weekend, which made us feel surprised and surprised. Excited and moved! Bring a touch of coolness in this hot weather. Under the careful preparation of our comprehensive management department, early in the morning on the weekend, our middle-level cadres concentrated on their journey to their destination. As the car of the execution group rushed away, we admired the roadside beauty along the way, while lamenting the picturesque country of the motherland, getting closer and closer to the destination, I felt that the air was very different, fresh, not doped with any substance, the wind As if smiling and beckoning to us, the branches of the road seemed to be dancing happily! After almost three hours of travel, we came to the beautiful Wuyi Mountain. The enthusiastic tour guide came to pick us up and listened to the tour guide on the bus to introduce the tourist attractions, itinerary arrangements of Wuyi Mountain, and the cultural environment of Wuyi Mountain.

I arrived at the station and rested for a while, and we hurried to the mountaineering. Our first stop was Hu Xiaoyan. After seven or eight minutes, our car arrived at Huxiaoyan. Huxiaoyan has two roads: one is to listen to the guide to call him a lazy man, and the other is to climb up the mountain and call it a man. In order to be a good man, we have to be a good man. Our Dacheng team does not do lazy people. Although there are many girls, we are not to be outdone under Yang Dong's call. We all choose to be good people. The walls of Huxiaoyan are steep and stand alone, and its climbing path turns twists and turns, as if it is a sky ladder. We were sweating carefully, looking carefully behind us. Although only three or four hundred meters high, it was enough to be creepy. Although Deng was sweating and tired, we were very interested, and some colleagues even remembered to take pictures in the middle of the mountain. We climbed up all the way and finally came to the name of the Dingming Bridge. Behind the Dingming Bridge are two bottomless mountains, also known as "first-line sky". Perhaps it is the arrangement of nature. Many tourist attractions have "first-line sky". It seems It is implied that people must not be frogs at the bottom of the well. They cannot be satisfied only with this line of sky light. They should go out to open their horizons. The bridge is narrow and spans between two mountains. Listening to the guide to walk along the Dingming Bridge will bring good luck, and all our team members in Dacheng also scrambled to take pictures on the Dingming Bridge. The bridge guardrail made of iron chains is full of concentric locks. A pair of lovers longing for a happy life leave the concentric locks of their destiny in this life, and their love forever is forever ...

After the first stop of our tour, after lunch at the Wuyishan farmhouse, we were warmly introduced by the tour guide and took us to a tea shop to taste the special refreshments of Wuyishan. Let us relax after a long day of climbing and enjoy the tea artist. Give us tea performances, tea ceremony and tea tasting. What keeps me fresh is Wuyishan's famous tea Dahongpao, housekeeper, and nourishing red ru, not only tea fragrance, pure taste, because there are moving stories hidden behind them. Although it was the afternoon, the aftertaste of tea lingered in our mouth for a long time. Our second stop is to climb Tianyou Peak. Tianyou Peak stands alone. The clouds are filled with clouds. There are famous peaks and guards around the hillside, and the river is surrounded by three sides. You can imagine the top of the mountain and the panoramic view of Wuyi. We took a group photo at the foot of Tianyou Peak. Although Tianyoufeng is not very high, it is not so easy to climb up. I was watching the scenery at the foot of Tianyoufeng because of lack of physical strength. However, most of the team members were led by our Yang Dong. Actively climbing.

Because of the short travel time, our schedule was also very full. After dinner at the hotel, we took a short break. We went to the Wuyishan Theater in the evening to watch the real-life stage performance of the landscape-"Impression Dahongpao" directed by Zhang Yimou and Wang Chaoge. If you do not come to the scene, it is really difficult to describe in words the infinite audiovisual feast brought by large-scale landscape performances. The performance uniquely shows the Chinese tea culture. It is said that it is currently the only one in the 23 worlds of nature and culture Heritage large-scale performance. Its 360-degree rotating auditorium, the world's first, uses high-tech technology and a steel frame structure, with a novel design and unique creativity. It breaks the traditional mode of watching performances in fixed audience seats, enabling all audiences to The slowly rotating auditorium is immersed in an unparalleled audio-visual feast, watching all the real-world performances in all directions, bringing us a brand-new shocking audio-visual experience. Unprecedented formal real-screen, the world's first panoramic concept theater, the world's longest stage ... all these new creative ideas and elements, let us appreciate the Wuyi culture and human existence in a pot of tea! The antique dwellings, highlands, sandbars and river performance areas that surround the rotating auditorium are made up. A song by Zhou Huajian sang: "Red dust, red leaves, red veil, red sky, red sun, red years ..." Let us linger in our ears for a long time. Wuyi night unforgettable in this life ...

清 In the early morning of the next day, our tourist attraction is Jiuquxi. Our Dacheng team was dressed neatly along the way, and the team flag fluttering in the wind attracted the attention of countless tourists. When we were excited, we sang a few songs in the car. Jiuquxi, the essence of Wuyi. Our Dacheng team of more than 30 people took several bamboo rafts, and the river flowed down the river, and I was in the front row. Although we ca n’t feel a little regret to walk with the team members, it still does not diminish our happy and unrestrained mood. After the six members of our team made bamboo platoons, you said a joke to me. It is difficult for everyone to work at work. There is such a state of mind gathered together to talk about the world. Everyone happened to talk to the old grandfather, listening to the old grandfather's humorous jokes and telling the moving story of each landscape of Jiuquxi, a great enjoyment of life. The mountains are accompanied by green mountains, and the green waves follow. Looking up at the stacked rocks on both sides of the strait, there are straight-up clouds, the heroic posture is as tall as the King's Peak, there are steep and beautiful, the bright and beautiful are like the jade girl's peak, there are like screens hanging, proud and majestic as Tianyou Peak, There are also wonderful and charming, three points into the wood like Shuangrufeng. Drifting all the way, the pole hit the stone, the bamboo row broke the water, echoed in the valley cave. Such a beautiful scenery, gathered in Wuyi, panoramic view, the King Wang Peak and the Jade Girl Peak face each other, let us not only lament the creation of the world, everything is aura.

最后 The last attraction we traveled was Yixiantian. Just on the way back, Yixiantian has its own characteristics. It is said that it was split by Fuxi with a god axe borrowed from Jade Emperor. Its narrowest point is only 40 cm. The guide said that tourists who can walk through the hole directly are of international standard figure. I just walked into this wind tunnel, and a cold air was pressing on us. In this hot day, it makes people feel very comfortable. Looking up, the rock walls on both sides are covered with bats. It gave off an unpleasant smell, but it still couldn't resist our curiosity. It went all the way up the hole and the hole was relatively flat. However, after walking in for a while, it steepened, and seemed to be straight at once. Moreover, the up and down intervals of the stone steps were very strenuous, and it was necessary to use both hands to support the wall. The stones on both sides are wet, and there is a feeling of slippery when you feel it. When you reach the narrowest point, you can only pass sideways. Although it is not very long in this wind tunnel, because of the large number of tourists, many tourists stop taking photos from time to time. We walk very slowly and hard. Finally, it took us a full half hour to complete the wind tunnel. When I walked out of this world, there was a sudden and cheerful feeling, very comfortable.

After a peaceful and harmonious journey in Wuyi, I was still immersed in the beauty of Wuyi Mountain, an ancient and legendary world tourist attraction in Wuyi Mountain. She gave people living in the city a sense of tranquility and less eagerness. Chasing the boring heart of success and fame, her freshness makes us learn how to get rid of my annoyance and how to let go.